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The Group mainly conducted its media business through the establishment of the new media platform Xian Dai TV Limited (FinTV) in 2011. It is mainly target to deliver both Mandarin and Cantonese channels focus on real-time quotes, news, comments and special topics. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Beijing and Shenzhen.

FinTV now has channels in 8 segments: financial news, current news, stock market analysis, expert review, lifestyle, financial planning, major events.The station will broadcast the 30 columns 24-hour. The number of real-time news and periodical programs is 40-60 episodes/day, 400 episodes /week, the length is 250 min/day, and the programs can be watched, and downloaded on both PC and mobile devices.

The 2nd version of  FinTV App, has made a lot revision based on the 1st version. It has become more reliable and user friendly.

New feature: Live news (both text and video), Hong Kong Stock and Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect market news and analysis, create personal stock list, news subscription and news feeds.

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