Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Finet Group Limited always work persistently everyday to supervise the work and performance of Chief Executive Officer and other senior management staffs, and guarantee the ethics of the company’s operation. Meanwhile, they ensure the legality and compliance of every strategic decision and the long term interests of shareholders. In order to bring the functions and responsibilities of Board of Directors into full play, they must be responsible for their positions and take a proactive approach to ensure the consistent progress of the corporation, meanwhile bearing the social responsibilities and adhere to strict ethical standards.

Executive Directors

Ms. LO Yok Lee (Chairman)

Mr. Lin Dong Ming

Non-executive Directors

Mr. Chan Kwok Chiu

Independent non-executive Directors

Mr. WONG Wai Kin

Mr. SIU Siu Ling, Robert

Mr. LEUNG Chi Hung

Corporate Governance Report

The Board of Directors adopted the Committee regulations and governance guidelines, coupled with the Memorandum and articles of the corporation as below, to form the framework of Finet governance.

Recent Projects
Group Members

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