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Finet Limited Group has made great progress in business expanding and development in the first year of 2015. Our FinTV, streamlined financial information service business, has become one of the most popular and viewed online TV for financial information in Hong Kong and mainland China. Our information can be accessed and viewed on mobile devices via our mobile Apps, and affiliate websites, which strengthens our Group status as one of the leading financial information services provider.

Despite of the fierce competitions in the industry of unlicensed TV, we are in a leading position for new bilingual media platform for financial data and video in Hong Kong and mainland China. With an increase usage of smart phones and mobile devices as a means of research platform, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to penetrate our services to different demographic of the viewers, which will enhance our competitiveness in the online advertising business field.

The implementation of the Shanghai — Hong Kong Stock Connect, coming Shenzhen — Hong Kong Stock Connect, and China — Hong Kong Mutual Fund Connect are huge opportunities. The Group will focus on the securities brokerage business and financial information services business in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The Group will further develop Financial PR service to diversify our business. With the support of the Big Data Solution, we will develop an App providing financial products and services information to target customers enabled by the Big Data Solution recommendation engine.

Our Group has been a key provider of financial data for Hong Kong listed companies since 1998, and, we will expand our listed company database to Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Shenzhen listed companies. We aim to be one of the largest providers of information of listed companies in Hong Kong an Mainland China.

we are optimistic and confident that the above strategy will bring fruitful results to our Group in the near future.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunityto thank all our colleagues who have been with us in this time of change as well as our shareholders and business partners. Without their continuing support, the Group would not have been able to transform itself to the new media platform successfully it is today. Together, we will make our group more and more influential and promising in the future.


LO Yuk Yee


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